How to File a Change of Address For International Address / Move

Are you changing your address and moving to a new place? If yes, then you have to inform all those who send you mail. You can call, write letters or fill the online form is available on their site. Most people fill the form in order to inform the authorities about their shifting. Today we will talk about only the USPS (United States Postal Service) for an international change of address. The way of Changing the address for an international address is not same as a domestic move.

Although changing USPS address is a quite simple process. You can do it the way you want either online or offline. For an international change of address (COA) filling the online request, service is not available and you have to visit the post office personally. Have a look at the points below to see how it is different from the domestic shifting and how to request for international shifting.

How To File a Change of Address for International Move

How To File a Change of Address for International Move

  • You cannot file the online request for an international move but you can do it for a domestic move.
  • You have to visit your old post office and fill the PS Form 3575.
  • If you do not remember to fill the change of address request form before shifting then write a letter to the USPS. Explain postal establishment correctly that how and when you want your mail to get forwarded.

Note that if you are filing an address change form from some other country then you have to contact the foreign country’s postal administrator.

By correctly following the above-given points you can easily file a change of address request for an international move. If you are facing any problem then feel free to ask and leave a comment below.

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