How To Get Technical Assistance for USPS Online Hold Mail Service?

Hold Mail Service is the best service for all those who are going out of town or not able to collect their package for some time. If you are also going out for some days then you can put your mail on hold. By doing this you can enjoy your holidays with no worries about your package. To use this service you have to fill a form for hold mail.

There are three ways to put your mail on hold. First, by visiting your local post office, second, through online means and third, by asking the letter carrier for PS Form 8076, he will bring it to form for you. So you can do it according to your convenience.

You can save so much time if you choose an online method to hold your mail. You can fill the online form easily but still if you face any problem you can call and take the help of USPS Customer Service. Customer representatives are always there to help you out. You can contact them when you face any problem regarding online Hold mail service.

How to avail Technical Assistance of  USPS Online Hold Mail Service:-

  1. Call:- You can call them on 1-800-344-7779. Customer representatives are there to help you seven days a week. The working hour is 7:00 a.m. ET to 11:00 p.m. ET.
  2. Email:- You can also email them. Send your problem on the following email address:
  3. Note:- Don’t forget to add your name, address and contact number because the customer representatives can also ask you for some additional information.

By following these ways you can get the technical help for Online Hold Mail Service. Although It is easy to fill the hold mail form USPS customer service representatives are there to help you out and solve your problems. So you can call them during the working hours.

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