USPS Keeps Record for Tracking and Confirmation of Delivery

As we all are aware of the variety of services provided by United States Postal Services (USPS). USPS also help their customer to track their package or mail just to make them confirm customer about their package that their package is in the safer zone they don’t need to worry about that.

USPS maintains the records of tracking the package and confirmation of delivery but the question arises is that for how long that for what duration they hold or keep the record but it also depends on the different period of time and also a different class of emails that customers must be using. Now through this article, I will let you know the tracking period of the of the USPS.

Below I will mention you the different period for they hold the records of tracking and confirmation of delivery:

  • For 120 days or 4 months, USPS keep the record.
  • Numbered International Mail services, Priority Mail Express service, Certified Mail service, Registered Mail service, and USPS kept the record only for 2 years not more than that for the mail services mentioned above.
  • Signature confirmation services have been maintained for one year only.
  • Adult Signature Required/ Adult Signature Restricted Delivery Mail this mail service is maintained for three years as this service is maintained for more years as compared to other services.

When this period exceed United States Postal Service (USPS) destroy all the records if you want to have a record for your package then you can request them in the eligible time or time mentioned to you.

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