USPS Hold Mail | How to Hold Mail While On Vacation

USPS Mail Hold : On the basis of study in America it has been concluded that most of the population of America is still depends on the billing statements on paper for getting the bill of their any paying instead of using the online banking facilities or the bill paying as they all fell more comfortable in keeping their bill records in the form of paper which also makes them convenient as it allows them to keep all of the records in a file from where they can easily get it back whenever needed.

USPS Hold Mail Service

As the study was held in 2014 for the full three months by a large scale bill utility company which analyzed that 91% of the customers preferred to choose paper bills while only 9% of its customers use the mail or other online features for getting their bills. As it is all a trend but here we are not going to discuss the trend instead we will be going to share some details about the usps hold for pickup for the people who are indulged in the USPS or part of it in any form.

When you go out of town or city for some long time for any vacation , business purpose or due to any reason you firstly thoughts about your mail and the first question which comes in the mind is that as you are not there then what will be going to happen to your mails as sometimes it happens when you are not at your home some of your important mails got missed and your mail box can also be full due to a lot of mail which are for you and this becomes very difficult situation to face as these important mails which are lost can badly effect your career or life so , today we are going to tell you complete details for avoiding this critical situation in your life and you will be able to make all of your mails to be safe completely without any problem. As you might be thinking that when you will go out for long time you.

An ask to your neighbor or anyone who will take care for your mails in your absence but in this situation there are a lot of chances that your mil box will get full and for making it empty mails the person who is taking care of them can miss the important mails from team so you can not trust any one for your private or confidential things it is your responsibility to take care for them as later you can also not blame any one , therefore , we are going to give you details that how you can put your mails on hold when you go on a vacation and can get them when you arrive to your home and this action will also help you in securing all of your mails this is known as the USPS mail hold so before trying this method you need to have full and complete knowledge for this method which we are going to tell you below just check it out clearly and thoroughly –

Three important ways for avoiding the Mail Loss :

 1 . You can ask any of your neighbor whom you can trust or to any family member or relative who will regularly check and pick up your all mails from the mail box.

2. You can let your mails to be collected in the mailbox.

3 . You can use the hold mail method which will hold your emails from the local USPS or post office.

These are the three things which can be used by you for keeping your mails saved. If you go for the first method then it is necessary to have a person whom you can trust for collecting your mails as they can also have some private and confidential information which belongs to you only. Next, if you goes for the second option for getting your mails to be collected in mailbox then it is necessary that you should have a large enough mailbox which will not get overflow very early.

Now, the third method comes which is of holding mail and this is the best method which can be used for holding your mails during the time of vacation or your absence. This is the very simple method for this you can go to your local US Post office branch and inform that you wanted to use the service of mail hold. So , how you can hold your mail we are providing you the complete details for this just follow the below steps –

Before requesting for the hold mail service keep these things in your mind :

* First of all you need to calculate that for how much time are you going to the vacation and wants your mail to be held by US Post office.

1 . The duration for which the US Post office can hold your mails is from the three days which is minimum time and to the 30 days which is maximum time. So decide your number of hold days in between of 3 to 30 depending on the period of your vacation.

2 . Now, the next thing which you have to do is give the starting date from which you wanted to hold your mails and then give the end date after which your mails will be presumed to be delivered. The post office will hold your mails till between these days given by you and after that, your delivery will be continued as normal and you will get all of your pending mails too.

* In the second thing, you should clear in your mind that when will you be going to submit the application for your hold mail.

1 . You should first of all be clear your self that on which date and time you will be going to submit your request for United States mail hold either you are making your request by phone or by going in the post office you should remember that it will take around 1 day minimum in proceeding your request and on the other hand if you are going to submitted your hold mail request online to the US Post office then it will get in the action on same day of submission make sure that you are making your request before the 2 a.m CST.

* Third thing you need to do is choose your desired method for submission

1 . Now, the next thing which is important is that you should know which method you will be going to choose for making your mail hold request as there are basically three methods of submitting your application from which first one is making request by phone , second one is by going to the post office and the third is online method.

So, these above were all three ways or things by which you can make your request for the US mail hold now let us describe in detail about these three methods of submitting your request so that it will become easy for you to choose the best method for you.

Three ways for making a USPS Hold Mail Request

1. In person

 If you are going to tell vacation and you wanted to hold your mail then what you all have to do is just simply visit to the nearest local post office and then you should fill up the PS form 8076 , you should visit to the post office in working hours if you do not want to waste your time them avoid the lunch hours.

Now , after filling the PS form recheck each and every information as it is correct or not now after checking you just have to hand over this filled form to the clerk or you can also mail it back to tell post office but this will take time in processing so first of all handover your form and then get the confirmation number from him as it can come in use in future.

This method can good for those who are not sure on their own and loves to make it checked by someone as their is no mistake or it is completed, so you are free to let your form to be checked by any one and then submit it without any mistakes. Now , you have success make your request for the US postal service mail hold you can enjoy your holidays without any tension.

 2 . On a call

 Now , the next way which come for making your request is by making a call and talking to the US postal service , you can simply dial the toll free number of the US Post office or the customers service number and then tell them about holding your mail till ten starting and end date of your vacation. As the customer service department handles all of the major issues like issues related to mails , requests or questions in all.over the nation so you can tell them and if required then they will.also let you to be connect with the local post office of your area. So , by talking them you can make your request for holding mail in a very short time just few simple minutes.

Not only you can make your hold request you are also able to inform that by which method you wants to re collect all of your mails after the date of holding request gets over. You will get the confirmation number note it down as it is important. You can contact to the US Post service from Monday to Friday from 8 am to the 8:30 pm on the number 1-800-275-8777.

3 . Online method

 Now , the last method which comes in this list is the online method as it is fastest and the best method for you which is also convenient and reliable in all ways and used most widely. Many of the person prefer this method for making their request as it is easy , time saver and convenient with the straight forward technique. Now, for making your request online you can simply follow the below mentioned steps as they are very simple and easy to use –

Step – 1 : First of all you needs to go to the official website of USPS ( United States Postal Services ) you can simply go to the official website by clicking the below link.

After you click to the above link you will be redirected to the new window with the official website of USPS. Now , after opening it you will see on your desktop screen that their are two different categories in which you can see the option of hold mail and these to categories are ” Quick Tools ” and tell second is ” Track & Manage ”


you can click to the hold mail option of any category and for convenience we are also providing you the direct link of USPS hold mail by clicking on this link you will be redirected to the page of requesting hold mail.

Step – 2 : Now , you will be going to see some blank fields which looks like a form which you need to fill up by the correct information.

First of all fill each any every information correctly by your personal details as asked, by this information provided by you the postal database will be able to send your request directly to the nearest local post office of your area. Now , all of the fields which are marked at the top with blue star are the mandatory fields which are needed by you to be filled successfully As , when you see the first blank on your screen it will ask for your complete first , middle and last name , next you will see the space in which you have to write your phone number.

After giving your phone number the turn comes for the address give the exact and appropriate address to it with your zip code which will help the database for deciding the nearest local post office to you and then at last provide your email Id as all.of the necessary information will be sending on your email. After filling all of the information recheck it and then click on the option of check availability which is provided below this box at the left side of your screen.

Now , on his behalf the server will check all of the information provided by you and if it found correct then you will be redirected to the next page automatically and if the facility of holding mail is available to you then it will be shown on the screen and if the details provided by you found incorrect then screen will show some error and asks for filling the details again or correct the pre provided information for further processing.

Note – If you found out that the facility of online hold mail is not available to your area with the address provided by you then you do not have to take worry as you can make your request to the local post office of your area. This can be held because of the information provided by you have some other things or do not get matched with the official records of post office. So again click on the option of Check availability and then try again the same procedure.

Step – 3 : After completing above two steps properly next you will see the option of available if the service of holding mail is available on your address now , after seeing this you will be automatically enabled with the heading asking ” When will we hold your mail “ , now you need to give dates at which you wanted your mail to be hold. You will see two boxes on the screen first one asking for the start date and the second one which asks for the end date of holding. Now fill the selected dates in these boxes in first the date from which you wanted that USPS hold your mails and in the next box fill that detail on which you wanted that all of your mails get revealed to you again or the delivery service continues normally as ever. But you should keep in mind the dates you are going to enter in between start and end date there must be the different of minimum 3 days and maximum of the 30 days not more than that.

Now , after providing dates just below them you will see another box with a heading of ” Pick a delivery option for your held mail “ , now you have to click on the arrow provided in the box , when you click on it you will see that two different options gets scrolled in the list and these two options are first one is ” carrier delivers accumulated mail “ in which all of your mails which are held in this duration will get delivered by the US Post office to your mail box after the ending date and the second option is ” I will pick up accumulated mails ” in this option you will personally need to go to the post office for collecting all of your holing mails.

So , you are free to choose nay of these options and can get your mails to be delivered according to your choice and convenience. Next , you will see a big blank space saying with the option of additional information in which if you wanted to have any additional request other than this you can mention in this box and send it to the post office.

Step – 4 : You are almost done , this is the last step which you needs to follow in which you finally make your request for holding mails. We suggest you that before you click to the submit button just for your surety double check each and every information for its accuracy and then also read out the legal disclaimer which is present at the bottom of your screen so that you will avoid the small mistakes like the wrong address on which mail delivered or the wrong date at which your mails get delivered. So , before submitting check each and every information now simply click on the submit button which is present at the right side of the screen just below the box of additional request. Now , after clicking wait till you get the response for your request. When your request will get successfully activated you will receive an email from USPS which will contain all of the information about the mail hold USPS. You will be also going to get a confirmation letter from the US Post which will also having the same information as provided in mail this is just only for your security. As , if any one else other than is trying to hold your mails then you can immediately contact to the post office regarding this issue and can make it to be canceled.

There are methods and ways with help of which you can easily hold your mail while you are going out or on any vacation and this will also reduce your tension and problem so you will be easily able to get all of your mails safely when you come back from your vacations. So , you are free to choose any of the above mentioned method for making your hold mail request , as many of the people choose the online method because it is fast and will save a lot of your time. The only thing you should take care when you are filling your request form online that you will avoid any mistake as we all do no like to waste our time in just editing the previous information so , fill it clearly and correctly and sometimes due to wrong information it also held that you loose your mails due to incorrect information and not finding the error later so fill it patiently.

What to do if you want to hold your mail for more than 30 days ?

As we have told you earlier that you are only allowed to hold your mails for the minimum of 3 days and for the maximum you can hold your mails up to 30 days last which are absolutely free but sometimes we need more time and took long to come back in this situation we needs to hold our mails for more than 30 days , so if you are also one who wants to increase the time limit for holding your mails then you can go for the ” premium forwarding service “ of the US Post office in which you are allowed to hold your mails for than a month or more than 30 days.

As the name says premium so it directly indicates that you are not going to get this facility free of cost as no one likes to keep your burden for free and same does the US postal service so for keeping your mails long on the hold you will be needed to pay some nominal amount which are fixed by the USPS.

Here is some advice regarding the hold mail service of US Post

We are going to give you some tips and advice based on the hold mail which are necessary for increasing your knowledge just read them out –

Timing of mail hold 

We will suggest you to make your mail hold request in advance at least before one week , as you are allowed to schedule your request around before 30 days as mention in the USPS FAQ page , so that the workers or the staff who are working in the post office and managing your request will be able to get enough time for your request and you will also get your request to be accepted on correct time as the delay in request can make your request to be late. So , make your request as soon as possible.

Resume your Mail hold

Now , you needs to resume your held mails as , you are allowed to select two different options for making delivery after the time ends and we suggest you to select the option of I will pick up accumulated mails as this is one of the best option by which you can get all of your mails safely without loosing them. As if you choose the first option then it can be possible that you gets late from returning to your vacation or you are at your work then all of the mails will got delivered by USPS on your doorstep or in the unlocked mail box in your absence so it is best to choose the other option for resuming or receiving your held mails back.

If required then edit or cancel your hold mail request

If due to any reasons you wanted to cancel your hold request or wants to make some changes in it then it can be done with help of the confirmation number which you get after making request. In case if your plan for the vacation got canceled or postponed then in that case you needs to edit or cancel your hold mail request , you can easily down this by using confirmation number either with method of phone or in person you needs to show this confirmation number first. You are also allowed to make any changes or edit dates for start or end if anything is wrong or get re scheduled with help of the confirmation number.

How to contact the US postal service office

If you have any problem or query and you wanted to contact to the US postal services for anything then you can simply visit to the official site of USPS as the link is provided above or you can also contact to the below provided contact number

Phone number: 800-275-8777

Email : For email, you can directly visit to the below link and send a direct email to USPS regarding your problem and later you will receive back the email with a solution.

They will solve all of your queries and problems for surely and listen to your request.

Closure ,

So, we have provided you almost each and every necessary detail for the US postal hold mail service. Let us also talk about junk mail a brief intro as we all are fed up with junk mails and do not like to get them , almost all of the people face this problem as they get several junk mails in their mail box which makes it full early and due to these junk mails when you go for any vacation or get return back from your journey you can find a lot of junk mails from different different brands and companies which are totally useless and due to which your mail box fills up and your important mails lack the space in it , so this thing seems ridiculous and no one will like get these useless thing in their mail box. So, there are different ways by using which you can easily avoid the junk mails and your important mails will get enough space in your mail box.

So , as we all get mails which are very confidential and private and can not be disclosed to any one that is why we have tried to solve each and every problem related to mails and you will be surely get be fitted with them. You can also avoid this overfull of mail box by simply getting a virtual or another mail box which will get your mails when first one is full. Well this is an other thing so we hope that all of your problem get solved and you will now be able to use this US mail hold service easily without going to face any kind of problem.

As , we have provided you all of the necessary details and tells you the best possible 3 different methods from which you can simply choose any of the method according to your choice and convenience so , you are free to choose any of them. If you face any kind of problem in making the hold request or any kind of error related to your mail then you can simply contact us we are here to solve all of your problems and queries at our best and will help you on our best. Hope you will not face any problem and make your hold request properly.