How Can I Go To Pickup a USPS Package Before Delivery?

The most frequent question that people ask is that “Is it possible to pick up a package of USPS before delivery? So The answer is Yes, you can pick up a package before delivery, but it depends on a lot of other factors, read the full article below for more information. Can I Pickup a […]

My Tracking isn’t Working / Found- USPS Tracking Not Updated

USPS provides the service of  “USPS Tracking” that allows users to track their mail parcels and locate it check the current delivery status. If you use the service of USPS then you might be aware of this service. USPS gives the customer a unique “Tracking Number” that is used to track the packages. USPS Tracking works […]

Does UPS Deliver On Sunday & Saturday Hours?

UPS which stands for the United Parcel services is the United States based multinational package delivery, which handles the supply chain or the logistics management across the work. UPS is the world’s largest parcel delivery courier services, which handles all kinds of package delivery by its road and the air transport. This is the reason […]

Complete Guide On USPS Tracking: Track By Package Number

USPS which stands for the United States Postal Service is a United States based courier agency, which offers its courier service in the United States. USPS is a very credible name of courier services, which is known for its super fast and super-rich delivery in the United States. Generally when anyone books any kind of […]

How Do I Get a Return Receipt from USPS?

The USPS offers the service of Return Receipt which gives us peace of mind by providing us with the evidence of delivery in the form of a postcard that is signed by the recipient. You can even get an e-mail with an electronic copy of the signature of the recipient. Return Receipt is available for  Priority Mail, First […]

Do I Need to Register with USPS to Participate in Text Tracking?

USPS Text tracking is the system through which the customers are able to get the tracking information of their package. This service costs the standard messages and data rates. There are two ways to get the tracking information first is through phone and second is through emails For Phones Send a text message on 28777 and mention your […]

What USPS Mail Classes and Services Provide Tracking Email?

Tracking service of USPS is available for various mail classes and services. All USPS customer can track any mail item using this service. Tracking services are included with all the mail classes and services, In case if it is not included with any mail class then you can avail it by paying some extra fee. […]

USPS Change of Address FAQ – Mail Forwarding FAQ

We get a lot of queries about USPS change of address. People ask different questions for changing address. Some want to know the process of changing the address while some ask for changing options. Today we will tell you about these frequently asked questions about USPS change mailing address and will discuss the various problems that […]

How Do I Successfully File an USPS Insurance Claim

USPS customers can request the insurance claim. Through this claim, customers can ask the authorities to make compensation for their lost, missed or damaged mail packages. In order to get the claim, the package must be ensured beforehand. There are different time frames of different mail services and classes but both domestic and international shipments are […]