Can I Refuse A Mail, Package or Shipment, Delivery

United States Postal Services (USPS) providing its services from very long time land till now continue to provide its services and has maintained its good reputation among the people residing in the USA and all over the world. You can send or receive your mail or package through USPS.

Sometimes it happens that you didn’t receive your mail or package on schedule time and schedule date then you try to track your package. Then if you able to track the package and receive that properly after receiving the package you came to know that that package is not yours you have received the wrong package then what option would left to you to do or what you will do?

To know what to do read the article below.

You can simply refuse delivery or even after delivery also that you have received the wrong package. If you don’t have received the package on time then ask the post carrier to send it to the original address.

If you have received the package then you can simply write Refused and put the package in the mailbox back and ask the postmaster to take it back as that was not your package or mail. This is the best way to refuse for the mail, package or for shipment.

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