Can Slower Parcel Delivery Sometimes Be The Better Choice?

There is an interesting development in the delivery of parcels, which is using some of the older methods of transport. The train has been replaced by the plane or ship as the method of transport for many years now in places which involves longer distances but recently a train service which carries freight was introduced to travel from China to Poland and is being used for parcel deliveries to Russia and other places. Unfortunately the Russian hub is not considered reliable enough at present for a direct route to Moscow.

The introduction of this route sparks the notion that this transport is carried out to deliver parcels which would normally go by ship and take 6 to 12 weeks to go by train and take 2 weeks only and is a good half way house between the slowness of ship travel and the expense of air travel. This method of transport will obviously help the large oversized parcel trade as the speed of delivery is relatively short but the cost is competitive with shipping and obviously cheaper than air travel. It would seem that this type of travel will increase significantly as the speed of train travel increases across the world with the introduction of high speed train lines. At the moment the train line from Hong Kong to Beijing via Shanghai is well under way and will be finished in the next 2 years and will cover some 1500 miles at a speed in excess of 300 mph and there are many other routes planned. It seems obvious that most continental countries will improve their train lines to deal with growing East to West trade.

Certainly Europe and Asia will improve but it remains a question as to whether the USA and Canada will want the expense of such a system. The large parcel delivery has progressed excellently during the past few years without the train and a good courier will ship parcels with a standard weight up to 500 kg to most countries in the world and the prices are excellent value for the weight carried. This system is in such demand that the parcel can be booked and all paperwork completed via the Internet. The speed and flexibility of such an operation opens up a whole new world of trade, so that the part load which was previously priced out of the market now becomes a realistic option.

Customs Broker Ensure a Hassle- Free And On- Time Delivery of Products to Customers

If you are involved in a business that promises to deliver products to the customers living abroad, you must have experienced troubles in customs clearance. Rules and regulations in the field of international shipping have become so complicated that it is almost impossible to transport goods in a hassle- free manner. Failure to ensure a prompt delivery of the purchased goods creates a huge obstacle in the way of the smooth operation of the business. On the other hand, an on-time delivery of goods at the right place and without any sort of complications leads to customer satisfaction and increased sales for the business. It is difficult to implement this without the professional expertise of the customs brokers. There is an increasing demand for the assistance of the customs brokers, acting independently or as a part of the freight forwarding firms.

Several company owners underestimate the importance of custom brokers, assuming that they call for additional expenses. This is true to some extent but the excellent services they offer is not comparable to the prices they charge. Perceived in a positive light, an easy transportation and delivery of goods prevents a company from suffering losses. It is perhaps needless to mention that complications in shipment can pave the way for immense losses, compared to which the expenses on obtaining the services of the brokers is negligible. An obvious advantage of taking the help of the professionals in customs clearance is that they take the entire responsibility of ensuring that your products get delivered. As a business owner, you have got to concentrate on a lot of issues to ensure its success and increase sales and profits. This makes it impossible for you to further worry about other aspects. The custom brokers are equipped with the knowledge and skills in dealing with the formalities and hence, they promise to save you a lot of time and efforts to be devoted on other crucial matters.

The customs regulations are not only complex but they also keep changing with time. People working in the field keep themselves updated about these alterations to avoid complications and unnecessary delay. A lot of paperwork needs to be carried out too, requiring great deal of time. Precisely, professional services allow the entire operation of import- export businesses to be undertaken in an effortless manner. You must make a careful choice of the customs broker in order to enjoy commendable services. You have the option of hiring an independent broker or one who works with an agency. In both the cases, checking out the license of the service- provider and knowing about his experiences in the field is essential. Internet, as usual, is the best platform to find one.