When Does a UPS Tracking Number Expires?

Today we shall discuss an important topic related to UPS tracking, i.e., When Does a UPS Tracking Number Expires? The UPS tracking number is an 18-digit alphanumeric code which conveys important information related to the package. This tracking number can be used to get summarized status about the UPS package, such as its current status, its […]

What Does Import Scan Mean in UPS Tracking?

Hello friends! Sometimes the UPS tracking status can be confusing, so you should know What Does Import Scan Mean in UPS Tracking? As you know, you can track your UPS shipment using an 18-digit alphanumeric code, in which each of the digits signifies something related to the shipment.  Generally, your tracking status may show messages like “in […]

Why Are UPS Tracking Numbers So Long?

If you are a customer of UPS, then you must be wondering Why Are UPS Tracking Numbers So Long? The UPS tracking number can generally be of 18 characters for domestic packages. It contains alphanumeric characters in the format 1Z aaa aaa bb cccc ccc d. The other UPS tracking codes for its other services can range from […]

Why Do You Need To Tip The UPS Driver?

We shall answer a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) today which many of you might be wondering, i.e., do you need to tip the UPS driver. As you know, UPS (or United Parcel Services) is a US-based multi-national freight delivery and cargo service having its network all over the US and the world. It is one […]

Does UPS Deliver On Sunday & Saturday Hours?

UPS which stands for the United Parcel services is the United States based multinational package delivery, which handles the supply chain or the logistics management across the work. UPS is the world’s largest parcel delivery courier services, which handles all kinds of package delivery by its road and the air transport. This is the reason […]