Does the USPS Keep Pictures Of The Mail They Scan Forever?

A question which many USPS customers might have in mind is Does the USPS Keep Pictures Of The Mail They Scan Forever? USPS has many offices in each of its districts and they are responsible for collecting the emails of their designated area and then scan and sort their mails according to the zip codes. This helps in the efficient delivery of emails and makes the process of delivery of emails faster for the drivers.

So, generally, the processing machines at the USPS hubs only scan the zip codes of the parcels. This is done to sort the mails at the pick-up hub itself. In the situations the barcode scanner cannot read the zip code, a picture of the mail may be sent to the barcode reader manually.

If we talk about the pictures of some parcels that might be taken, it is done because some of the USPS drivers might not know the routes of their destination so they enter it in the computer so that it can tell them the route. But after the delivery is made USPS deletes the picture.

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