What is General Delivery Service of USPS, its Restrictions and How to use it

There are various kind of delivery services offered by United States Postal Service (USPS). Today we are going to talk about the general delivery service for USPS, what is it? How to use it? And what are its restrictions?

What is General Delivery

It is a postal service that delivers mail to another post office where mail is held for pick up by the addressee. It is very easy to avail mails through this postal service. This service is helpful for those who don’t have permanent mailing address. Firstly you need to find the nearest post office in your area that offer this service and also at the place where you want your mail to get delivered. You don’t need to have  the street address of the post office for this service. You just have to write the ZIP code and the mail will get delivered. Generally, there is only one post office which accepts the general delivery. So first you need to find the right post office for yourself.

Now that we know what is General Delivery and how does it work. The most important thing to remember is the ZIP Code. This ZIP Code will help the postmaster to deliver the mail to the right post office. Mail sender should send the mail in the following format;


General Delivery

City, State and ZIP Code

It was for USPS General Delivery (for U.S Postal Service). Now let’s see it’s restrictions.

What is General Delivery 

General Delivery Service Restrictions – USPS

The restriction of this general mail delivery services are as follows;

  • Customer need to show a proper ID or else the postmaster won’t hand over the mail to that customer. A proper or suitable ID proof is a necessary requirement to pick up the held mail. You can use your passport, driving license, voter card etc.
  • There is not any time limit for how long you can use this post office General Delivery service but a post man can any time terminate your right if you receive lot of emails because the post office cannot hold it for you for very long without any valid reason.

Additional Information of USPS

  • You don’t need to fill any application form for the General Delivery service. You can go and directly talk to the postmaster.
  • A postmaster decides the time period of the service for you.
  • Post office do not hold any mail for more than 30 days. A customer should pick the mail before 30 days.


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