Request for Hardship Mail or Door Step Delivery in Case of Medical Problem

We receive emails every day. A postman delivers mail to our address. He put the letter in the postbox and then we collect all our mail from there. It is a very easy process but sometimes we face issues when we have the hardship or medical problems. It can be defined as an illness due to which we can face difficulty to retrieve mail. If such a thing happens to you, then you can avail Door Step Delivery/Door Delivery. With this type of delivery service, you can get mail delivered at your door. Let’s discuss how to request for this delivery option.

How to Get Mail Delivered to Your Door :-

If you are sick and not able to pick up your package from mailbox then your postman can deliver the mail to your door. For that, all you have to do is to write a hardship mail delivery letter to the post office along with the statement of the doctor. In hardship delivery letter, you need to request the post office to change the current delivery point.

hardship mail delivery

The doctor’s statement is crucial because the post office checks why you need doorstep delivery or hardship delivery. In that declaration letter, your medical conditions and reasons why you need this delivery must be stated. You have to send both the doctor’s statement and hardship mail delivery letter to the post office that delivers your mail. The post office will approve or deny the request according to their investigation.

The request letter for hardship should be addressed to:-




The post office will take the decision whether to grant your hardship mail delivery request or not. When your request is approved, then the postman will deliver your package to the more convenient location of your doorstep. The post office approves your request only if you are sick and not able to pick up your package from the mailbox and your mailbox is placed at a distance. The door delivery comes under the category of “mail delivery to a physically handicapped act.

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