USPS Holidays 2018 | Federal Holidays 2018

If you are using the service of USPS then you should know the USPS and federal holidays when the USPS is on off and they do not provide any service on this day. As you all know that USPS not provide any service on Sunday but apart from that there some federal holidays in which also they do not provide any service. If you are going to use the USPS service then you have to check the holidays this will help your time as you did have to return back from office without completing your work if you have checked the holidays of USPS earlier before going the office USPS office. There are many festivals or events like labour day, Christmas day, black Friday, father’s day on which there is no any service given by the USPS. USPS tries to give their service all the time, even on Sunday USPS gives theirs to the priority mail express as well as Amazon packages.

USPS Holidays 2018

* 1st January 2018 on monday, New Year’s Day

* 15th January 2018 on monday, birthday of Martin Luther King

* February 19, 2018  on monday, Washington’s birthday

* may 28, 2018 on monday, memorial day

* 4th July 2018, Wednesday, independence day

* 3rd September 2018, monday, labour day

* 8th October 2018, monday, Columbus day

* 12th November 2018, monday, veteran’s day

* 22nd November 2018 on thrusday, Thanksgiving Day

* 25th December 2018, tuesday, Christmas day

So above we have listed the USPS holidays as well as federal holidays.

USPS Holidays 2018, USPS Holidays schedule

So above there 10 holidays on which there is no any service given by any branch of the USPS i.e., it does not take delivers any packages or mail on these holidays. So, you can see the date, as well as days of the holidays i.e. the Christmas day, is falling on Wednesday, the birthday of Washington is falling on Tuesday. On the next day of the holidays, the service and the works of the USPS follow the regular scheduled only.

USPS Holidays Schedule 2018

USPS Holiday Schedule, USPS Holiday 2018

1st January, New Year day:

On the 1st of the January you will not receive any of the single mail because all the staffs of the USPS are on holidays.

15th January, Martin Luther King birthday:

USPS Holidays 2018, USPS Holiday Schedule 2018

The birthday is generally celebrated on the 3rd month of every year but the real birthday of the martinis 15th January, there is the uniform Monday holiday act that’s why the birthday of the martin which is celebrated on the third Monday of the month.

February 19, Washington’s birthday

Washington was born on the 22nd Feb 1732, the first president of America, but the people of US celebrate the birthday of Washington on the third Monday of the month of February.

May 28, Memorial Day

On a memorial day, there is no any service provided by the USPS, on the memorial day which falls on the 29th may which is usually observed on the Monday of the week of the month is celebrated for those armed forces who have died for the country during the fighting in the war. People honour all the forces that have died during their military services, flag only remains until the noontime. If you are searching for the working hours of the post office on this day then let me tell you none of the post offices are working on this day.

4th July independence day

The celebration of the independence in the United States is on the 4th of July because on the day United States become independent in the year of 1776. So, this day is really very special for us citizen that’s why all the post offices remain closed on this day.

Post Office Holidays 2018

USPS Holidays 2018, USPS Holiday 2018 schedule,

3th September labour day:

Labour Day is celebrated in the month of September in the United States. It is considered as the federal holidays and also it is generally celebrated on the first Monday of every year. Do you know why there is the celebration or there are holidays on the Labour Day? There are holidays because it is celebrated for the all the workers either he is the employee or working in any field to give the contribution in-laws, prosperities, strength etc.

October 8, Columbus day

The celebration of the Columbus Day in the United is usually on the 10th of October so; all the postal services remain closed on this day. This Columbus Day is celebrated as the anniversary of the Columbus which is discovered by the citizens of America on 12th October 1492. Columbus day generally observed on the second Monday of the month of October and on this all the standard mail service remains closed.

12th November veteran’s day:

The celebration of the Veterans Day is on the 11th of November on every year so, this is national or you can say federal holidays that’s why there is any service given by post offices. The Veterans Day is celebrated in the honour of the military veterans who served themselves in the armed forces. Previously the Veterans Day was known as Armistice Day.

USPS Holidays 2018, USPS Holidays

22nd November, Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of the month of November with lots of fervour as well as merrymaking in the country United States. It is time for feeling gratitude as well as communal thanksgiving on which all the family member and the friends meet for the special meal and give those thanks to everything whatever he or she has done to make the person’s life good.

25th December, Christmas day

On the country of the united states, the Christmas day is celebrated on the 26th of December so, all the offices of the USPS remain closed on this day, this means there will no delivery of any mail will do on this day.

So, don’t forget to read these holidays if you are going to the office of USPS this will benefit you lots.


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