How Long Does the USPS or Post Office Hold A Undelivered Package?

(USPS) United States Postal Service is offering its services for more than a century. There are times when the postman is not able to find someone to receive the mail. Also, the postman cannot leave the package in the mailbox when its size is not fulfilling the criteria of USPS. In such situation he contacts the addressee and if he does not find anyone to receive the mail then he either comes back again another day or leaves a PS form 3849 at the door. Form PS 3849 is also known as Delivery notice. The question then arises that How long does USPS hold undelivered mail/packages.

How long USPS Hold Undelivered Mail or Package:

If the postman do not find any receiver on the given address then he will make two more attempts if he still do not find any receiver then the post office will hold the mail for 15 days and will return it to the sender. These 15 days time start from the initial delivery attempt. There are two cases if the package is not delivered, these are;

  • If the mal worker does not find any receiver of the mail then he will make two more attempts then he will leave PS 3849 or delivery notice at the doorstep.
  • After the delivery notice, the package is held for 15 days and then it is sent back to the sender. Additional can made at the customer’s request.

The receiver needs to fill the PS 3849 form to get the package that is held by United States Postal Service (USPS) post office. Then they have to visit the local post office. They should visit within 15 days or else it will be returned back to the sender. If the name and address of the sender are not mentioned on the package then it will go to the lost mail department.


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