How To Calculate Cost of Single USPS Postage Stamp

Today we shall discuss an important topic, i.e., how you can Calculate Cost of Single USPS Postage Stamp. As you know, USPS is responsible for providing postal and courier services across the entire USA and the world.

So it handles various categories of shipments daily. As a USPS customer, it is very important for you to know about the rates of stamps required for various categories of USPS Certified Mails. So read on the full article below to know more.

What is The USPS Stamp Price?

USPS has stamps for each category of its mail which it provides at a very affordable cost. Following are the costs of all stamps for all categories of emails:

Letter Stamp: The price of letter stamp starts from $0.50. For over-sized, square or irregular envelopes, the price starts from $0.70.

Postcard Stamp: For a standard-size, regular postcard, the price of a postcard stamp starts from $0.35.

Global Forever: These are stamps meant for international mails. Its price starts from $1.15 for standard-sized rectangular envelopes.

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