How To Cancel Or Stop USPS Mail Forwarding?

USPS is an independent postal service agency in the United States. It provides a very good service for the people of United States of America. If a person moves to a new place then he/she can inform United State Postal Service so that they can forward the mail to a new address. This is called mail forwarding. If your address is changed then you must inform all postal service agencies whose service you have used previously so that all the mail reaches your new address. If you don’t inform them beforehand then your mail will be sent to your old address and you won’t receive it.

How to cancel or modify mail forwarding?

  • Log on to the official site of USPS, Find the option of “Change the address” in the “track and menu” option.
  • After that, you’ll be redirected to a new page, scroll down find and click the line which says “Need to view, update or cancel a Change Of Address order you already submitted?”
  • A new page will open, enter the confirmation code in the box that you have received while filling the change address form. You can find that confirmation code in your email inbox if you’ve made changes online or in your confirmation documents which you have at your new address.
  • Enter the new zip code to edit or stop USPS mail forwarding and click on submit.
  • All the information will appear on the screen. Modify or cancel the information according to your own requirement. The updates or changes that can be made through this option are; Change or add new email address, can receive reminders of expiry dates of mail forwarding, change your temporary or permanent move, change your phone number, change or cancel the address of your mail forwarding.

It is important to note that you cannot modify more than two information in a day.

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