USPS Tracking – How to Find Tracking Number USPS

USPS (united states postal service) provides tracking facility for packages it delivers. Usually, postal services companies provide this facility to its customers. When you purchase a postage which includes tracking, you will get a unique number that is tracking number.

In some cases, you can avail tracking service by giving some more bucks, but in this article, we are going to talk about How to find Tracking Number USPS?  In that article, we will describe what is tracking and how can you track your mail. Have a look at the ways to find tracking number of USPS.

Here is How You Can Get a Tracking Number From USPS:

You should have a proper knowledge that which USPS postage includes tracking automatically as all USPS postage don’t offer tracking facility.

When buying any product online then please make sure that any following postage type is included with it:-

  1. Collect on Delivery
  2. Certified Mail
  3. Global Express Guaranteed
  4. Registered Mail
  5. Priority Mail
  6. USPS Tracking
  7. Signature Confirmation

If any of these types is there then you can simply find the tracking number. If not then it’s not possible to get any tracking number. However, you can add tracking when you purchase postage.

2). You should save the receipt that you got from the post office. You find the tracking number on the receipt. You can even ask anyone from the post office to highlight the tracking number. They will do it for you. The tracking number is a very long number and is also called label number. Here are some examples of tracking number;

  • 9875370000 0000 0000 00
  • DP 356 679 964 US

3). You can also find the tracking number in your email if you ordered anything online.

 4).  Tracking number can also be found in your account of the site from where you ordered for the product.

5). After getting the tracking number to visit the official site of USPS. On the first homepage, you will find a blank field at the top, enter your tracking number there and enter. After that, you can see the status of your package. You can also see the update of your package just by giving the tracking number to “28777”.

After giving the tracking number you will get a reply message of the status of your package. If you don’t find any current status then don’t worry as it takes the day to show up your status in the system after you drop off the package.

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