Do I Need to Register with USPS to Participate in Text Tracking?

USPS Text tracking is the system through which the customers are able to get the tracking information of their package. This service costs the standard messages and data rates. There are two ways to get the tracking information first is through phone and second is through emails

For Phones

  • Send a text message on 28777 and mention your tracking number in the message. In reply from USPS will provide you the latest tracking information.
  • To get the specific information, send a message to 28777 with keyword and tracking number.

From Website

You can get the following information from the website.

  1. Expected Delivery Updates
  2. Day of Delivery Updates
  3. Package Delivered
  4. Available for Pickup
  5. Delivery Exception Updates
  6. All the options above

The question now arises is what do you need to register to get the text tracking information then the answer to this question is NO. You don’t need to have an account for getting the tracking information. You can simply send the text and in reply, you will get your required information

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