USPS Change of Address FAQ – Mail Forwarding FAQ

We get a lot of queries about USPS change of address. People ask different questions for changing address. Some want to know the process of changing the address while some ask for changing options. Today we will tell you about these frequently asked questions about USPS change mailing address and will discuss the various problems that users face.

FAQ about Post Office Change of Address

A process of USPS Change of Address – People usually ask about the process of changing address. If you are also changing your address then you can inform USPS (United States Postal Service) about your change. Your address for mailing service will be updated. It is one of the best services by USPS. With this, you can also forward your mail.

Way to Change Address Online

People also ask How to change the mailing address. There are two ways to change the address. First is by filling the online form and second by filling the form offline. The steps to change address form online that you need to complete. The steps are starting date, ending date, old address, new address and many others.

Way to Change Address at Post Office

You can change the address by visiting the nearest post office where you can ask for PS Form 3575. The form is similar to the online form. Same as address change online process here also you need to give all the details. You must sign the form after filling the details. After that, you will get a confirmation number that you have to keep safe because it can be helpful for you.

Change of Address Form

People also ask how the change address form look. Well! It is a simple form that can be filled either offline or online.

Way to Stop Mail Forwarding

There are two choices available on the form. First, you can choose your move- temporary in case you are planning to return to your old address again. Second, you can select- Permanent move if you are moving permanently. Note that you can stop mail forwarding only if you have opted for the temporary move.

You can log in to your account and enter the confirmation code there that you have received when you have filed the request for change of address. Then enter your new ZIP Code. Then it will redirect you to the page where you can update, edit or cancel the mail forwarding or change of address order.

Cost of USPS Change of Address

The most frequently asked question is USPS change address procedure costs. It cost you $1 and it is free if you do this at the post office. The charge only for the online option because of the identity verification.

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