What Time Does USPS Usually Deliver On Time Or Not?

USPS is an independent postal service agency of the U.S. delivering mailpieces across the U.S. and the world. It has been in the service for almost half a century and has managed to deliver parcels of every kind. With such a wide network and several categories of mail such as Priority, First Class, etc., delivering of shipment on time becomes crucial.

When we are expecting to receive a shipment through USPS, it becomes very crucial for us to know at what time we can expect the mailpiece to be delivered. We may have many commitments for the day and may not be free at the time we are expecting the delivery. Hence it is very helpful if you the delivery timings of the USPS services so that you can plan your schedule accordingly if required.

usps package intercept

The USPS shipments are delivered through the regular postal carrier. If you are expecting a domestic service, you can expect it to arrive before 12 noon on the due date.

In the case of international deliveries, you can expect your shipments not to reach before 3 PM on the expected delivery date. All the packages falling under mails and parcels should reach the receiver before 5 PM on the date of delivery.

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