How Do I Successfully File an USPS Insurance Claim

USPS customers can request the insurance claim. Through this claim, customers can ask the authorities to make compensation for their lost, missed or damaged mail packages. In order to get the claim, the package must be ensured beforehand. There are different time frames of different mail services and classes but both domestic and international shipments are eligible for a claim.

NOTE- Domestic claim can only be filed if the lost, missed, damaged mail items were mailed “within the United States”. Similarly, the international claim can only be filed if mail items were mailed “outside the United States”.

There is a different process for filing a Domestic and International Claim is different.

For Filing a Domestic Claim:-

A claim can be filed only for insured:-

  • Priority Mail (Insured Mail)
  • Registered Mail with Postal Insurance
  • Priority Mail Express
  • COD (Collect on Delivery)

How to File the Domestic Claim:-

A domestic claim can be filed either online or offline


  • Visit the page:
  • Click on “Domestic Shipments” tab
  • If domestic shipment tab is not clickable then scroll down and click on “Start an Online Claim”.
  • Sign in or signup to USPS account.
  • Enter Shipping Date and tracking no.
  • Put the information of mailer, addressee and the details of the claim.
  • Review and then Save Claim.
  • Click on “Submit Claim”.

For OFFLINE claim Call at 855-622-6332 or at 1-800-332-0317

File an International Claim

There are also two methods for an international claim;


  • Visit the page:
  • Click on “International Shipments” tab.
  • Select “Create an Inquiry” option.
  • Sign in or signup to USPS account.
  • Complete the required fields and then submit the Inquiry.


For filing offline request call Customer Care Center at 800-222-1811

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