What USPS Mail Classes and Services Provide Tracking Email?

Tracking service of USPS is available for various mail classes and services. All USPS customer can track any mail item using this service. Tracking services are included with all the mail classes and services, In case if it is not included with any mail class then you can avail it by paying some extra fee. With USPS Tracking service check the current status of your package. You need to have a tracking number that you can find on the mail receipt.

There are various ways by which you can get the tracking information. Visit the USPS official website and enter the tracking number then you will be able to see the current status of the mailed item. The other way to get the tracking information is by text messages, emails and USPS Mobile App. You can follow the given below for what mail classes and services provide tracking email.

Tracking Email Service is only available for:-

  1. Priority Mail
  2. Priority Mail Express
  3. Standard Post
  4. USPS Tracking Service
  5. Signature Confirmation Service
  6. Certified Mail Service
  7. Person Signature Required and Person Signature Restricted Delivery Service
  8. Registered Mail Service

The scanned information is provided by Priority Mail Express as the item is en route. These are the mail classes and services that help to provide Tracking Email. You can check the update of your mail item by email with above-given mail classes and services.

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