Authorize Someone To Accept & Schedule USPS Mail Redelivery

Through mail classes of USPS mail, a customer is able to send packages, mail or any other item. If you are away from home and cannot receive any mail item or package then the postman will take back the package to the post office and will try again to deliver it the next day. If he still doesn’t find anyone there the other day when he will leave a Form PS3849 and the post office will hold your mail.

authority to someone to pick up your USPS mail

If you are not present at home then you can also give authority to someone to pick up your USPS mail. That person can accept and schedule a re-delivery. But the question then arises here is who that person can be? Who USPS allows to schedule and accept a redelivery and Are there any guidelines for that person. You can read the answers to these questions below.

Who can Accept and Schedule a Re-Delivery?

authority to someone to pick up your USPS mail

An addressee’s family or agent or employee of the addressee can accept and schedule a redelivery. The third person is called an authorized agent. An authorized agent can accept and schedule redelivery according to them. They can only accept & schedule redelivery if they provide all necessary information of redelivery. The addressee’s agent represents addressee. Generally, an agent is an addressee’s family member or a close friend.

What are the Guidelines for Authorized Agents?

  • The postman can only deliver the package to the address stated on it. So authorized agent should ask him to deliver the package to a different address.
  • At the time of redelivery, the authorized agent or addressee should be present there to sign for a package.
  • Companies or person should inform their local post office about the authorized agent then schedule a redelivery and sign for mail. The agent must provide their ID proof. The acceptable forms of Identification proof are ID provided by Company, uniforms with company’s name or a company vehicle.

Do Letter Carrier Verify an Authorized Agent?

If a person receives the mail at business or home then the letter carrier does not verify the identity of that person because if any person takes the package home or business then it is considered that he/she belongs to that person for whom the item is. But if a person picks up the item from the post office then he should show the ID proof to the postman to verify.

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