How Are The Time Limits For USPS Package Intercept?

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about what is the maximum time permissible for you to intercept USPS package and redirect it to the true recipient. Let us tell you in the beginning that the USPS Package Intercept is not a guaranteed service and is subject to terms and conditions.

usps package intercept

It is only permissible on domestic shipments and is not available for international, or APO/FPO/DPO destinations, or for mailpieces that require a customs form. It is only applicable to packages that haven’t been delivered yet or released for delivery. It is applicable to goods such as packages, letters, flat goods which have an extra tracking code or barcode.

Now let us talk about the maximum time limit permissible for an interception. A request for interception can be made by the customer. Then this information will be transmitted to the delivery destination unit as per the address on the mail item. Note that you should validate the status your mailpiece by using the Track & Confirm tool prior to placing a request. And all the USPS requests made are chargeable with pre-determined fees.

The USPS interception is applicable for 10 days from the day the request is made. After that period you would be ineligible to make an intercept.

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