USPS Waiver of Signature

What is USPS Waiver of Signature?

USPS Waiver of Signature” is given by sender which gives authority to the post man to deliver package without asking for signature from the receiver/addressee or the sender’s agent. Post man can leave the package in the mail recep­tacle or at any other safe place. If a sender requests the waiver of signature it then means that they are agreeing to accept scan date and time information as the valid delivery proof.

USPS Waiver of Signature

When Express package that has waiver of signature is delivered, the post man signs on the PS Form 3849 without taking any signature from the recipient of the package. Post man delivers the mail  at any place that is save or in the mail recep­tacle, protected and secured from all the adverse weather conditions. When waiver of signature is authorized then there is no need to get the receiver’s signature that expedites the delivery time.

Some Important Points to be noted:- 

  1. Sender should check the waiver of signature at time of send the mail because it can’t be changed in transit.
  2. If no one claims the mailed item within five days then it will be delivered back to the sender of the package.
  3. For addition of the Priority Mail Express of Label 11-F or Label 11-B that is printed before the date of January 2012, without getting delivery proof with the receiver signature. Customers who send Priority Mail Express package must instruct U.S Postal Service to deliver a Priority Mail Express Priority Mail Express 2 Day Delivery item or 1 Day Delivery  only by signing and checking the “Waiver of Signature” on Label 11-F or Label 11-B, or giving indications of waiver of signature is requested on single-ply commercial label.
  4. This service is not available with some additional insurance, For Priority Mail Express COD (Collect on Delivery) Priority Mail Express or Restricted Delivery COD.
  5. For any package loss it’ll void any insurance claim.

Return Receipt for Merchandise:- 

Return Receipt for Merchandise

Delivery employee will sign your package as Proof of Delivery (POD) and will leave the package in mail recep­tacle or in any secured and protected place.

Domestic Priority Mail Express:- 

Domestic Priority Mail Express

Letter carrier will sign for your Domestic Priority Mail Express package as Proof of Delivery (POD) and will leave the package in mail recep­tacle or in any protected or secured place.

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