How Does To Delivery Reports of Notification Mean?

USPS is an important agency of the US federal government working independently which is responsible for the delivery of various parcels, letters and goods across the U.S. In the previous few articles we talked about the interception service provided by the USPS.

Today we will discuss what does the delivery notification sent by the USPS mean and what significance does it hold. Hope you find this information useful while sending shipment through USPS.

One of the most important and unique features about USPS is that it provides “tracking feature” to its customers. This means that customers will be able to track where their mailpiece has reached and it’s due course before it reaches its final destination.

This is possible through a simple facility called the USPS text tracking. Through this, you can get the confirmation of the shipment of your goods by receiving a notification through a text message on your phone about the date and time your shipment has been delivered at your desired destination.

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