What is M-Bag Service & Why They are Good For Use

M-bag can be defined as the direct sack of printed material sent to a single address to the single addressee. The sack is basically a canvas bag that is used for delivering printed items like magazines, newspaper, books etc. Printed materials are the only things that can be added in M-bags. Printed materials also include a music sheet, journals, magazines, newspapers, books, catalogues, commercial advertising, directories, and promotional matter. M-Bag service may also include extra charges.

General Information about M-bag:-

  1. Dimensions and weight  – The bags are 4 feet tall & 36 inch in diameter. Although, customers have to pay the 11-pound postage price. The maximum weight of the M-bag must not exceed 66 pounds.
  2. Delivery time- The delivery time of First-Class Mail International varies according to destination and Priority Mail International takes 6-10 business days.
  3. Types of M-bags- Airmail M-bags, International Priority Airmail (IPA) and International Surface Airlift (ISAL).
  4. The mail pieces must have the United States return address. The return address must be there on the outside.
  5. If in case the M-bags do not get delivered then these are sent back to its sender at no cost.
  6. Customers can send M-bags to PO Boxes.
  7. M-bags are not insured or registered.
  8. The mailing tag that is PS Tag 158 and sacks required for the entry of M-bags are free for those who are using this service and others can obtain these from the post office facilities.
  9. This service is usually used by the students studying in the United States but belongs to a foreign nation as these students want an inexpensive way to send their books home.
  10. Each mailing package must be placed into a different package which must include the mark of “Postage Paid – M-bag” and it should contain the name and the address of the recipient and the sender.

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